AV Topics Sponsorship (Limit 1 per Topic per Time Period Selected)

The AV Topic Pages align your brand with AVIXA and thought leaders in the industry. Your organization will be seen by AVIXA’s audience as an industry expert on that specific topic. Not only is your logo listed on this page, but you can also contribute content to AVIXA.org, and host a sponsored story in the AVIXA Update Email.

Available Topics

  • Digital Signage
  • Conferencing and Collaboration
  • Content Production and Streaming
  • Learning Technologies
  • Audio
  • Live Events and Entertainment

Incuded Benefits

  • Exclusive logo placement on selected Topic Page on AVIXA.org
  • Thought leadership content pieces:
    1. Contribute content pieces along with AVIXA consultation
      Content is posted to the selected AVIXA Topic Page
      Highlighted on one AVIXA Update email and one social media post about new content
      Sponsor content may be repurposed by AVIXA

Please contact us for a quote on this sponsorship opportunity