CTS Directory Sponsorship

Align your brand as a champion and supporter of the CTS Program! The CTS meets the highest standards for demonstrating and verifying your skill set as an AV professional. 

As a supporter of the CTS Directory, you can impact new CTS holders to put your brand in front of that audience at the most exciting time in their career- when they earn their certification! 

This is one of the best ways to provide a lasting impact to the newest member of the certification community. 


  • Logo placement on congratulatory email sent to all CTS holders in North America. 
  • Option to include a weblink to register to receive information or product (swag) from sponsor.
  • Registration page from link provided by sponsor.
  • Logo Placement here with quote on value of CTS.
  • Leaderboard Ad placement in two CTS newsletters to North America.


Enhancements To Consider for Maximizing Your Marketing Efforts and Brand Reach


Manufacturer Product Webinars

Manufacturer Product Webinars provide a way to reach the AVIXA audience to connect about your new products and how the technology behind that product can make a huge difference on end user projects and the overall user experience.

Solution Newsletter Ads

AVIXA newsletter ads expand your reach outside InfoComm, amplify your brand, and show your company is a champion for the AV industry. They give the opportunity to reach the global AVIXA audience.

AVIXA Contract Training

AVIXA is the leader in AV education and training, and we can bring our expert instruction to you with virtual contract training. Integrator companies, dealers, and manufacturers can benefit.

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