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AVIXA Newsletters help reach subscribers looking for monthly updates in the leading solution areas in Pro-AV. Recipients are individuals that have indicated the solution area as a topic or product of interest within their InfoComm registration, have attended an AVIXA event focused on the solution, such as a Power Hour. Topics include:

  • Conferencing and Collaboration
  • Digital Signage
  • Learning Tech Managers
  • Networked AV and IT

  • Average Click Rate: 4.6%
  • Average Open Rate: 20%
  • Average List Size: 55,000


  • One sponsored story send as the Premier Sponsor of the selected solution newsletter.
  • Content created by sponsor. Content can be an article, video, case study, or something similar).


  • Leaderboard Ad in the newsletter (Ad provided by sponsor).
  • Leaderboard Ad may include a link (provided by sponsor).


Enhancements To Consider for Maximizing Your Marketing Efforts and Brand Reach


Power Hours

AVIXA Power Hours are the premier webinar series for the leading solution areas in pro AV. Power Hours are known for their roundtable discussions featuring diverse integrator, consultant, manufacturer, and end user perspectives.

Regional Education Sponsorships

Be seen as a thought leader to AVIXA education subscribers, including 13,000+ CTS holders! The Education Sponsorship provides alignment and recognition globally with AVIXA training.

AVIXA TV Segment at Infocomm

AVIXA TV is a twice-daily event at InfoComm that provides a platform for your company to speak on the leading solution areas that are key focuses for InfoComm attendees.

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